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Kong Skull Island Concept Sketches

Here's a few samples of the rough concept stuff I did a few years ago for Kong Skull Island.
It was a such a blast, but totally alien territory for me being my first film; daily image dumps, and a fast pace with rough ideas.
Jordan Vogt-Roberts and his team were super fun to work for, and it was a privilege to be in the first wave of concept artists to take a crack at a world with King Kong in it. I can't thank them enough for having me aboard.

All Images © Legendary Films

Brx rigney ksi cave fisher hex study

Cave Fisher Head Study

Brx rigney ksi cavefisher

Cave Fisher

Brx rigney ksi kong roughpass

Kong Palette Exploration

Brx rigney ksi villain pitch

Villain Pitch

Brx rigney ksi survivor villager

Survivor & Villager Concept

Brx rigney ksi villagers


Brx rigney ksi villager variant 1

Villager Variants

Brx rigney ksi tiger

Tiger Concept